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Another app in the Store

I’m on leave but I return to work next week. I took some of my off time to write another app. It’s a quick one that is tied to a specific piece of hardware, but I have said hardware and I use this app all the time now.

It’s a webcam viewer for the Foscam FI9820. I will expand it at some point to work with more cameras and do a lot more to it, but for now I have done with I always recommend my independent developer friends do and I kept the scope very low.

The app is called CamView and I use it daily now to spy on my as he sleeps. Here’s what it looks like…

Notice the full screen view of the webcam. I like this immersive experience, because I feel like I’m actually in room looking into the crib. I wanted to create a good snap experience too since watching someone sleep is not exactly going to be captivating and one might wish to multi-task. Here’s what I ended up with for the snapped view…

Instead of the camera’s view being restricted to a small square, it takes up the entire snap view.

Notice too the faint arrows on each edge of the screen. Those control the pan and tilt of the camera. Again, I like how direct the control is. Instead of a control panel to the side, they are right on the surface of the image.

If you happen to have this specific hardware, then you can link to CamView in the store with

I’m not sure what I’ll write next, but I’m ready for my next app. What are you working on and how’s it going?