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Thanks for stopping by codefoster.com. I work at Microsoft with the express charter of helping developers learn about Microsoft's platform, frameworks, and tools for software developers. I keep saying... it's a great time to be a developer!


My blog is singular in purpose - to distill and digest as well as I can the massive amounts of Microsoft developer documentation and content and to bring that content to you in a personal, easy to read form.


If you're trying to get into Windows 8 development, you have access to a ton of information online. My resources page is my attempt to get you to the right information fast.

Contact me

I try to be very accessible. If you've exhausted the standard channels for developer questions like Bing and Stackoverflow, then don't hesitate to track me down and ask directly. If I don't know, I'll try to find you an answer.


If you'd like to meet one-on-one, you're welcome to find me during office hours. I post weekly office hours in my local Microsoft Store and post occasional virtual office hours as well. Just go to ohours.org/codefoster

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